Pump Jet vs. Propeller, HOW TO CHOOSE

Pump Jet vs. Propeller, HOW TO CHOOSE

Choosing the right propulsion system for your watercraft is essential. Here's a quick rundown of the differences between propellers and pump jets.

A propeller works like a fan in the water, pushing water backward to move your boat forward. They are simple, reliable, and great for a variety of boats.

Imagine a pump jet as a jet engine for water. It sucks water in and shoots it out at high speed, propelling your boat with a powerful thrust. Our top-of-the-line E6000 and E12 pump jets are perfect examples of this technology. The E6000 has a mighty 6000W motor, ideal for high-speed boats and military crafts. The E12 packs an even bigger punch with a 12000W motor, perfect for smaller high-speed vessels and personal watercraft.

If you love speed on your surfboard, a pump jet is your best bet. For other types of boats, you can choose from various thrusters based on your specific needs.

Explore the benefits of pump jets and find the perfect propulsion for your next water adventure!

    Both propulsion systems have their unique advantages and are chosen based on the specific requirements of the vessel and its operating environment.

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