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TD5Pro Unterwasserstrahlruder 24V

TD5Pro Unterwasserstrahlruder 24V

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TDS8-48V Underwater Thruster: Precision Engineered for Excellence

Discover the TDS8-48V Underwater Thruster, a top-tier solution designed for demanding underwater applications. Engineered with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology, this thruster promises exceptional performance and reliability.

Design Parameters:

  1. Product Model: TDS8-48V
  2. Sealing Type: Maintainable fully sealed
  3. Sealing Structure: Adaptive rotating dynamic sealing structure
  4. Pressure Compensation: Positive pressure oil pressure compensation
  5. Shell Material: 6061 aluminum alloy with hard oxidation
  6. Flow Deflector Material: PC-ABS
  7. Installation Seat Material: 6061 aluminum alloy with hard oxidation
  8. Rotary Shaft Material: 316L stainless steel
  9. Cable Material: Outer layer of polyurethane (TPU), inner layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  10. Propeller Material: PC/nylon/aluminum alloy (customizable)
  11. Propeller Diameter: 80mm
  12. Cable Specification: Outer diameter 6.0mm, length 0.8m
  13. Rated Thrust: 8.5kg (forward) / 6.3kg (reverse)
  14. Rated Power: 480W
  15. Rated Voltage: 48V
  16. Pressure Resistance Depth: 300m

Key Features:

  1. Maintainable Fully Sealed Design: Ensures long-term reliability and easy maintenance.
  2. Adaptive Rotating Dynamic Sealing Structure: Provides robust sealing performance, adapting to dynamic conditions.
  3. Positive Pressure Oil Pressure Compensation: Enhances pressure resistance and operational stability at greater depths.
  4. Premium Materials:
    • Shell and Installation Seat: Made from 6061 aluminum alloy with hard oxidation for durability and corrosion resistance.
    • Rotary Shaft: Constructed from 316L stainless steel for superior strength and longevity.
    • Cable: Dual-layer design with TPU outer layer and PTFE inner layer for flexibility and durability.
    • Propeller: Available in PC, nylon, or aluminum alloy, customizable to meet specific requirements.
  5. High Performance: Delivers a rated thrust of 8.5kg forward and 6.3kg reverse, powered by a 480W motor at 48V, suitable for deep-water operations up to 300m.

Typical Applications:

The TDS8-48V Underwater Thruster is ideal for a variety of underwater applications, including:

  • Submersible vehicles
  • Underwater drones
  • Marine research equipment
  • ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles)
  • AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles)
  • Underwater inspection and maintenance tools
  • Subsea construction support

Experience unparalleled underwater performance with the TDS8-48V Underwater Thruster. Engineered for precision and built to last, this thruster is the perfect choice for your advanced marine projects. Contact us today to learn more and customize your order to meet your specific needs.

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