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A2 Wearable Underwater Thruster

A2 Wearable Underwater Thruster

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HobbyWater A2: Elevate Your Underwater Adventure

Introducing the HobbyWater A2, a cutting-edge underwater recreational thruster from Diamond Dynamics designed to enhance your diving experiences. Whether you're an individual diver or an island tour operator, join us in exploring the depths with unmatched precision and power.

Key Features and Usage Instructions:

· Charger: Compatible with 110V-240V power supply for global use.

· Battery Compartment: Built-in 15V, 20000mAh battery for extended underwater exploration.

· Battery Cover: Safeguards the charging port from water ingress.

· Charging Port: External nut design ensures easy access for recharging after each adventure.

· Output Control Knob: Allows precise speed adjustment for optimal maneuverability.

· Equipment ID: Unique identifier for tracking and maintenance purposes.

Technical Specifications:

· Weight: 4.5kg for effortless handling underwater.

· Voltage: 15V, ensuring reliable performance.

· Battery Capacity: 20000mAh, providing up to 57 minutes of continuous use.

· Power Output: 12kg thrust capability for swift navigation.

· Waterproof Depth: Operates effectively up to 20m below the surface.

· Charging Time: Fully charges in just 4 hours.

· Speed Control: Adjustable from 0 to 2m/s for varied diving conditions.

Additional Tips for Optimal Performance:

· After use, rinse the equipment in clean water for 5 minutes.

· Ensure the charging interface is dry before recharging.

· Store and charge in a cool, dry place for longevity.

· For any issues, contact our responsive customer service team promptly.

· Secure the battery cover before diving to prevent water damage.

Join Our Partnership Program:

Interested in becoming a distributor or partnering with us? Contact us at official@hobbywater.com to explore exciting opportunities.

Transform Your Diving Experience with HobbyWater A2. Dive Deeper, Explore More!

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