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TDS3.4 Metal Underwater Thruster Kayak Motor 24V | Hobbywater

TDS3.4 Metal Underwater Thruster Kayak Motor 24V | Hobbywater

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Underwater Motor Parameters

Product number: TDS3.4
Voltage range: 24V
Max current: 7A
Maximum thrust: 3.4kg
Power: 160W ±10W
Weight: 600g

This underwater motor TDS3.4 has the following advantages.

1. POM deflector: high strength, high abrasion and corrosion resistance

2. Brushless DC motor: gearless reduction structure to improve transmission efficiency and reduce the equipment failure rate

3. Precision machining: complete 6061 aluminium alloy body with a hard anodized surface to meet freshwater, seawater and other unique environments.

4. High-quality cable: TUP PIFE.

5. Can be used in water depths of up to 100 metres, with a regular service life of 2-3 years.

6. Forward and reverse control.

TDS3.4 underwater thruster application areas: electric dinghies, electric surfboards, electrically assisted paddle boats, electric fishing boats, trawlers, uncrewed boats, water rescue equipment, etc.

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