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TD40E 50V All Metal Underwater Thruster Boat Motor | Hobbywater

TD40E 50V All Metal Underwater Thruster Boat Motor | Hobbywater

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  Hobbywater's powerful all-metal underwater propeller TD40, 12-50.2V, equipped with high strength composite propeller, simulation analysis test and motor strictly matched to provide the best efficiency, equipped with high performance bi-directional fully waterproof ESC, high precision bearings to extend motor life. Applications include electric dinghies, boats, water rescue equipment, ROVs, etc.

Underwater Motor Parameters

Product number: TD40
Voltage range: 12-50.2V
Max. current: 70A
Maximum thrust: 40kg
Operating forward: 1500 - 2000us
Operation backwards: 1500-1000us
Weight: 4990g
With ESC specifications:200A-12S ESC

This underwater motor has the following advantages:

1. High quality all-metal construction, precision machined from aerospace metals and digital mechanical engineering

2. Fully waterproof technology, completely sealed against water, dust, sand and corrosion for long-term operation up to 200m underwater.

3. Internal coolant to help dissipate heat from the motor and internal coolant to help dissipate heat from the propeller for long-term work in high-heat environments

4. High precision bearings for longer motor life.

5. Best matched power system, highly reinforced metal propeller, best-matched motor for the most efficient power

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