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The underwater thruster is a custom model When in stock: 10-15 days standard, 7-10 days expedited If not in stock: Within 15 days

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1/ TD series xxkg means xx thrust, e.g. TD20kg, maximum thrust is 20kg.

2/ If for underwater robots, small kayaks, divers, shallow water areas: TD1.2/TD7/TD7Pro/TD14.

3/ Depth 100m, stable base power required: TD2.5/TD4.8/TD5/TD6E/TD9/TDM7/TDM7Pro
At depths of 200m, requiring powerful power; or in fishing boats, motorised assault boats, etc.: TD20E/TD30/TD40/TD46/
For work in special water conditions: TDS3.4/TDS6/TDS7/TDS10/TDS10Pro

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