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TD20 Metal Underwater Thruster Boat Motor 1200W 20KG | Hobbywater

TD20 Metal Underwater Thruster Boat Motor 1200W 20KG | Hobbywater

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Hobbywater all-metal underwater motor TD20E, 1200W, commonly used in electric dinghies, fishing boats, water rescue equipment, ROVs, etc.; equipped with a high-strength composite propeller been rigorously matched to the motor through simulation and analysis tests to provide optimum efficiency. It is an efficient and high-power underwater motor with the following advantages.

1. Accompany with high-performance bi-directional full waterproof ESC PWM:1500-2000us(Forward),1500-1000us(Backward).
2. Full waterproof technology, Fully encapsulated waterproof, dust-free, grit-prevented, anti-corrosive, long last working underwater.
3. High precision baring prolongs the motor life.
4. Best-matched power system Highly strengthened metal propeller, best-matched motor, provides most efficiency.
5. Easy assemble, Modularized base, meeting different field requirements.

Underwater Motor Parameter

Product Number:TD 20E 
Motor outer diameter:121mm
Voltage range:12~50V
Max currentt:25A
Max thrust:20kg
Line length: 1000mm
Package Weight:2500g
Package Size:25*15*15CM

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