What underwater propellers are suitable for kayaking?

What underwater propellers are suitable for kayaking?

Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports.
With the popularity of DIY kayaking, more and more people are adding 'propellers' to their kayaks to increase the fun and experience of the sport.
First choice: a thruster that works consistently, has adjustable speed and can be paired with remote control.

TD6E underwater thruster

1. Equipped with a high-quality waterproof motor: it ensures the continuous and efficient output of the thruster.

2. Equipped with independent waterproof ESC: efficient heat dissipation and stable work.

3. Equipped with remote control device: 5-speed boost, 50m control distance


How to add underwater propulsion to a kayak?

TD6E thruster Accessories included: thruster、waterproof ESC、waterproof motor, Remote control and tools.

Hobbywater's main underwater power accessories (thrusters, brushless motors, ESCs) if you also like to make your DIY accessories. You can subscribe to our website and buy our products.

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What size and how much AUD for one battery to 6281 Australia?


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