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TDM7pro 9Kg Underwater Thruster

TDM7pro 9Kg Underwater Thruster

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Meet the TDM7 Pro: Your Ultimate Underwater Thruster with Integrated ESC Control

Discover the TDM7 Pro, a powerful and efficient underwater thruster with an integrated ESC designed to elevate your aquatic adventures. With impressive specifications and advanced features, this motor is perfect for a wide range of underwater applications.

Underwater Motor Parameters

Product Number: TDM7 Pro
Voltage Range: 8.4 - 25V
Max. Current: 25A
Maximum Thrust: 9.5kg forward, 9kg backward
Maximum Power: 625W
Water Depth Conditions: 100m
Weight: 752g
Cable Length: 1m

Why Choose the TDM7 Pro?

Integrated ESC for Simplified Use
The TDM7 Pro features an integrated ESC, streamlining your setup and ensuring optimal performance with minimal effort. This built-in feature eliminates the need for additional components and wiring.

High-Quality Construction
Crafted from aerospace-grade metals with precision machining and digital mechanical engineering, the TDM7 Pro ensures durability and high performance.

Fully Waterproof Technology
Sealed against water, dust, sand, and corrosion, the TDM7 Pro is built for long-term operation at depths of up to 100m underwater.

Efficient Cooling System
Equipped with an internal coolant system, the TDM7 Pro effectively dissipates heat from both the motor and the propeller, allowing for extended operation in high-heat environments.

Enhanced Longevity
Featuring high-precision bearings, the TDM7 Pro offers a longer motor life, providing reliable performance for all your underwater needs.

Experience the power and reliability of the TDM7 Pro. Perfect for diving, ROVs, and other underwater applications, this thruster is designed to meet the demands of the most challenging environments. With its integrated ESC, the TDM7 Pro offers a streamlined and efficient solution for all your underwater propulsion needs. Elevate your underwater adventures with the TDM7 Pro!

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