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DW 41115Waterproof Brushless Motor 36V-350KV 3500W 3.5N.M IP68

DW 41115Waterproof Brushless Motor 36V-350KV 3500W 3.5N.M IP68

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High-Performance D41115 Waterproof Motor

Explore the superior performance of the D41115 waterproof motor, designed for underwater applications. This motor offers multiple KV options (200KV, 235KV, 280KV, 350KV) to suit various needs. It operates within a voltage range of 36V-62V, delivering power outputs from 1800W to 3500W and speeds ranging from 3300RPM to 12500RPM. With a maximum current range of 57A-97A, it ensures high efficiency and stability. Its impressive torque (1.8N.M, max 3.5N.M) and IP68 waterproof rating make it ideal for demanding environments.

Key Features:

· KV Options: 200KV, 235KV, 280KV, 350KV

· Voltage Range: 36V-62V

· Max Current: 57A-97A

· Power Output: 1800W-3500W

· Speed Range: 3300RPM-12500RPM

· Torque: 1.8N.M

· Max Torque: 3.5N.M

· Pole: 6 Grade

· Insulation Class: F Grade

· Waterproof Rating: IP68

· Weight: 700g

Perfect for exploration, filming, or scientific research, the D41115 waterproof motor is a reliable and high-performance choice. 

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