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TD40E 50V Underwater Thruster

TD40E 50V Underwater Thruster

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Discover the Power of the Deep with Hobbywater TD40!

Introducing Hobbywater's powerful all-metal underwater propeller, the TD40. Designed for electric dinghies, boats, water rescue equipment, ROVs, and more, this motor is engineered to deliver top-notch performance and reliability in the most demanding underwater conditions.

Key Features of the Hobbywater TD40:

All-Metal Construction: Crafted from aerospace-grade metals with precision machining and digital mechanical engineering for unparalleled durability.

Fully Waterproof: Completely sealed against water, dust, sand, and corrosion, making it reliable for long-term operation up to 200m underwater.

Efficient Cooling: Internal coolant system helps dissipate heat from both the motor and the propeller, ensuring consistent performance even in high-heat environments.

High-Precision Bearings: Extends the motor's lifespan and maintains smooth operation.

Optimal Power Matching: High-strength composite propeller and motor are rigorously matched through simulation analysis for the best efficiency.


Product Number: TD40

Voltage Range: 12-50.2V

Max Current: 70A

Maximum Thrust: 40kg

Operating Forward: 1500 - 2000us

Operating Backwards: 1500 - 1000us

Weight: 4990g

ESC Specifications: 200A-12S ESC

Perfect for Various Applications:

Electric dinghies


Water rescue equipment


Why Choose the Hobbywater TD40?

Robust Construction: Made from high-quality aerospace metals for unmatched strength and durability.

Complete Waterproofing: Designed to withstand the harshest underwater environments, ensuring long-term reliability.

Superior Cooling: Internal coolant system keeps the motor running cool even in demanding conditions.

Longevity: High-precision bearings ensure the motor's extended life and consistent performance.

Maximum Efficiency: The best-matched motor and reinforced metal propeller provide the most efficient power for your needs.

Real-World Application:

Imagine powering your electric dinghy, ROV, or rescue equipment with a motor that not only withstands the elements but thrives in them. The TD40's robust construction and cutting-edge technology ensure you get the best performance and reliability every time you hit the water.

Upgrade your aquatic adventures with the Hobbywater TD40 underwater propeller. Dive into the future of underwater propulsion and experience unmatched power and efficiency. Get ready to conquer the depths with confidence!

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