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TD7Pro 7kg 24V 400W Underwater Thruster

TD7Pro 7kg 24V 400W Underwater Thruster

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Underwater Motor Parameters

Product no. TD7 Pro
Rated voltage:24V
Max. thrust: 7kg
Rated power: 400W
Water depth conditions: 200m
Weight: 550g±20g
Product length: 114mm
Paddle diameter: 80mm
Cable length: 100cm
Length and width of mounting position. 37.5mm*25mm
Mounting hole specification: 4*M3

The TD7 pro thruster is designed for underwater robots, surface vessels and subsea equipment. This underwater motor has the following advantages.

1. The propeller is made of high-strength PC injection material: Counterclockwise propeller and clockwise propeller; the user can choose according to the actual application scenario.

2. Explicitly designed for the marine environment: The TD7 pro underwater propeller is an available waterproof motor, and the material selection is suitable for the marine environment.

3. High thrust, low weight, quick replacement: The integrated mould design reduces costs and allows temporary relief without maintenance.

4. Different voltage platform selection: It supports a wide range of voltage and robust versatility.

5. High-strength shell material: The integrated moulding design adopts rigid-strength shell material, which significantly improves the cost-effectiveness of the propeller.

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