How to choose an underwater thruster?

How to choose an underwater thruster?

Propellers are classified in terms of processed materials:

1. Nylon glass fibre composite material: suitable mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, fully waterproof, depth up to 100m (TD1.2/TD7/TD7E ....)

2. All-metal material: aerospace 6061 aluminium alloy, digitally processed by the computer: the surface is anodised to resist corrosion; adaptable to many unique underwater environments.(TDS3.4/TDS6/TDS7/TDS10/TDS10Pro...etc)

What are the uses of underwater thrusters?

Underwater propellers can be applied in marine biology research. Propelling the AUVS will allow us to explore and study the oceans in new and better ways.


Role in underwater robots, where stable work is needed rather than the pursuit of speed: TD series; for example, the TD1.2, with 1.2 kg thrust, used with several, will make the whole ROV system more stable underwater.


Applications in kayaks: the pursuit of speed


Thrusters acting on boats: the pursuit of speed, power and reasonable efficiency


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