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TD1.2 12V Underwater Thruster Rov Thruster without ESC

TD1.2 12V Underwater Thruster Rov Thruster without ESC

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Discover the Power of the Hobbywater Small Underwater Thruster TD1.2

Experience the ultimate in underwater propulsion with the Hobbywater Small Underwater Thruster TD1.2. Boasting a thrust of 2.2kg, this motor is perfect for your underwater kayak adventures. Equipped with high-progress bearings, it ensures a long-lasting, efficient performance even in the toughest underwater conditions.

Key Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 12V - 24V
  • Current: 13A
  • Motor Size: 28MM x 38MM
  • Thruster Size: 78MM x 112MM
  • Motor KV: 350KV
  • Rated Voltage: 12V - 24V
  • Thrust Forward: 1200g - 2500g
  • Rated Current: 5A - 13A
  • Power: 60W - 312W
  • Material: Cover Nylon Injection Moulding Anti-Corrosion
  • Components: Deflecting Cover and Cap, Propeller (CW or CCW), Motor, Cable
  • Cable length: 50cm


  1. Compact Design: Made from nylon fibreglass composites, our thruster boasts excellent mechanical properties and superior anti-corrosion capabilities.
  2. Full Waterproof Technology: Resistant up to 100 meters underwater, with motor encapsulation technology ensuring long-lasting operation.
  3. High-Precision Bearings: Extends the motor's service life, ensuring reliable performance.
  4. Efficient Power Combination: Propeller crafted from robust composite material, paired with the best-matched motor for optimal efficiency.
  5. Easy Assembly: Modularized base design to meet diverse field requirements.

Elevate your underwater experience with the Hobbywater Small Underwater Thruster TD1.2 – where innovation meets performance.

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