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TD6E Underwater Thrust 24V 400w Brushless Motor | Hobbywater

TD6E Underwater Thrust 24V 400w Brushless Motor | Hobbywater

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This underwater motor has the following advantages.

1. Use high-quality motors: The thruster adopts high-quality motors to ensure continuous and efficient output.

2. Fluid mechanics type necking design, beautiful and practical: Precision injection moulding shell, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, fluid mechanics type necking design, significantly increase the speed of the thruster in the water.

3. Independent ESC, more stable: The 24V ESC provides a stable input voltage and current for the thruster and, at the same time, has the characteristics of efficient heat dissipation, ensuring that the thruster can work stably for a long time.

4. Equipped with remote control receiver: The thruster is equipped with a remote control and receiving device to reduce the user's difficulty in use.


Underwater Motor Parameters

Rated voltage:24V
Rated current:17A
rated power:400W
Thrust range:0~7kg
Thrust weight:550±20g
Shell material:PC plastic
Thrust size:114*100*100mm
Adapter material:stainless steel
Adapter size:135*42*40mm
Battery life:High speed 30-40min;low speed 1-2h
speed:3-7km/h;maximum speed 7km/h
waterproof level:IP68 

How to add an underwater propeller motor for kayak?

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Remote control specifications
Stall switch:Five-speed speed regulation
Remote control distance:50 meters
Product Size:62*32*10mm
waterproof level:IP67

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