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DD 5050 Waterproof Brushless Motor 12-36V | Hobbywater

DD 5050 Waterproof Brushless Motor 12-36V | Hobbywater

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Waterproof Motor Features:

1. Proprietary unique, fully waterproof process: the motor is fully encapsulated and corrosion and oxidation resistant. 

2. High-quality bearings: the motor is equipped with precision bearings, significantly improving the engine's life.

3. Super endurance and stable working: 200m underwater.

Brushless Motor Parameters

Model No: D5050
Out size: 50*50MM
KV: 300
Volitage: DC12V-DC36V
Speed(RPM): 2000RPM-8000RPM
Power: 650W
Torquec: 1.2(N.M)
Maximum power: 1300W
Max torque: 2.4(N.M)
Pole: 14
Insulation calss: B
Waterproof grade: IP28
WaterProof grade: <=200M
Net weight: 420g

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