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DW 66128 Waterproof IP68 39-78V 6600W 7.5N.M Brushless Motor

DW 66128 Waterproof IP68 39-78V 6600W 7.5N.M Brushless Motor

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High-Performance DW66128 Waterproof Motor

Unleash the power of the DW66128 waterproof motor, engineered for a variety of underwater applications. With an output size of Φ66*128 mm, this motor operates within a voltage range of DC39V-DC78V, providing robust performance and reliability.

Key Features:

Out Size: Φ66*128 mm

Voltage Range: DC39V-DC78V

Speed Range: 3000RPM-9300RPM

Power Output: 6600W

Maximum Power: 12500W

Torque: 7.5N.M

Max Torque: 14.3N.M

Pole: 6 Grade

Insulation Class: F Grade

Waterproof Rating: IP68

Weight: 2250g


All parameters can be customized according to customer requirements.


Ideal for underwater facilities, thrusters, AUVs, ROVs, surfboards, and boats. The DW66128 motor offers high performance and reliability for demanding underwater tasks.

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