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Company Mission: To fill the world with the power

Company Profile.

Diamond Dynamics, officially established in February 2021, is an innovative technology company focusing on the research, development, production and sales of brushless DC motors, thrusters and motor intelligent control systems.


Our leading brand - Diamond Dynamics - is available to wholesale customers.

Our sub-brand - Hobbywater - offers products and services for underwater accessory enthusiasts, DIY accessories and people who like to assemble their products.

Hobbywater- We understand that underwater thrustersunderwater motors and waterproof ESC are not the best with the most significant parameters.

We advocate a sensible configuration to achieve the most efficient product. However, everyone has a different understanding of power and other applications; therefore, our products are more propellers and accessories than complete finished products; to give our customers the freedom to assemble their products.


"HobbyWater" is open to the world, providing products and services for underwater power enthusiasts or underwater researchers!

Diamond Dynamics uses the geek spirit to make products and make them the most extreme so that customers in every corner of the world can enjoy our best products and help them realize their dreams.

Factory photo: We can produce large wholesale orders; please feel free to contact us if you need! sales@diamondynamics.com

Since its establishment, Diamond Power has launched several products, including brushless motors for the car model series, brushless motors for the boat model series, brushless motors for the drone series, brushless motors for the robot series, underwater power sets, brushless motor controllers and other products.

The company's main products are DC brushless motors and their controllers. The brushless power systems developed and manufactured by the company are widely used in a variety of industries, including underwater thrusters, remote control models, industry-level drones such as plant protection/logistics/police/firefighting/mapping, electric vehicles such as four-wheeled/two-wheeled scooters, electric ships such as road boats/sightseeing boats, brushless fans for buses/ cars, etc.