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TD4.8 12-25V 12.8A 322.5W Underwater Thruster

TD4.8 12-25V 12.8A 322.5W Underwater Thruster

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DD TD4.8 Underwater Thruster: The Ultimate Power Solution for Your Marine Adventures

Introducing the DD TD4.8 Underwater Thruster, a robust and reliable waterproof brushless motor designed for RC bait tug boats, nest ships, submarines, and more. Engineered for excellence, this thruster delivers unmatched performance and durability.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Metal Construction: Crafted with aerometal and precision digital machinery, our thruster boasts a highly qualified full metal construction for maximum durability and reliability.
  2. Advanced Waterproof Technology: Fully encapsulated and waterproof, this motor is dust-free, grit-prevented, and anti-corrosive, ensuring long-lasting underwater operation.
  3. Efficient Heat Dissipation: Equipped with an internal coolant liquid system, the motor efficiently disperses heat, allowing for extended use without overheating.
  4. High Precision Bearings: Designed with high precision bearings, our thruster guarantees prolonged motor life and consistent performance.
  5. Optimized Power System: Featuring a highly strengthened metal propeller and perfectly matched motor, the DD TD4.8 offers superior efficiency and power.

Typical Applications:

The DD TD4.8 Underwater Thruster is perfect for a wide range of marine applications, including:

  • Electric inflatable boats
  • Electric surfboards
  • Electric assisted rowing boats
  • Electric fishing boats
  • Electric trawlers
  • Unmanned boats
  • Submarines
  • Water rescue equipment (lifeboats, lifebuoys)
  • Water circulation systems

Upgrade your marine equipment with the DD TD4.8 Underwater Thruster and experience unparalleled power and efficiency on the water. Order now and take your adventures to the next level!

Product Number:TD 4.8 CW<br>
Motor outer diameter:66mm<br>
Voltage range:12~25.2V<br>
Max currentt:12.8A<br>
Max thrust:4.8kg<br>
Power:322.5W <br>
Line length: 1000mm<br>
Package Weight:400g<br>
Package Size:15*10*10CM<br><br>

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