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E12 84V 143A 12KW 67KG ESC Underwater Thruster

E12 84V 143A 12KW 67KG ESC Underwater Thruster

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E12 Underwater Thruster: Integrated Design for Superior Performance

Introducing the E12 Underwater Thruster, a cutting-edge propulsion system designed for maximum efficiency and power. Featuring an integrated ESC and motor design, the E12 offers streamlined performance for a variety of underwater applications.


  • Operating Voltage: 84V
  • Current: 143A
  • Power: 12KW
  • Thrust: 67kg
  • Size: 785.3*129.1 mm

Key Selling Point:

  • ESC and Motor Integrated Design:

The E12 features a seamless integration of the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and the motor, ensuring efficient power management, reduced wiring complexity, and enhanced overall performance.

Key Features:

1.High Power Output:

With a power rating of 12KW, the E12 delivers robust propulsion, capable of handling demanding underwater tasks with ease.

2.Strong Thrust Capability:

Generates up to 67kg of thrust, making it ideal for heavy-duty underwater applications and ensuring strong, reliable performance.

3. Efficient Power Usage:

Operating at 84V with a current draw of 143A, the E12 is designed for optimal power usage, maximizing efficiency and battery life.

4. Integrated Design:

The integration of the ESC and motor simplifies installation and maintenance, reduces potential points of failure, and enhances overall reliability.


The E12 Underwater Thruster is perfect for:

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs):

Providing powerful propulsion for deep-sea exploration, inspection, and maintenance.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs):

Enhancing the capabilities of autonomous systems for extended underwater missions.

Submersible Research Equipment:

Supporting scientific research with reliable and efficient underwater propulsion.

Marine Robotics:

Powering advanced robotic systems for underwater applications.

Commercial and Industrial Use:

Ideal for underwater construction, inspection, and maintenance tasks.

Why Choose the E12?

Integrated ESC and Motor Design:

Simplifies system architecture and improves reliability, making the E12 a standout choice for underwater propulsion.

High Performance:

Delivers impressive power and thrust, capable of handling a wide range of underwater operations.

Efficiency and Reliability:

Engineered for optimal power efficiency and long-lasting performance in harsh underwater environments.

How to control it ?

Wireless control:

You can choose our remote control is okay ,we recommend this 

Wire control:

Support also 

Upgrade your underwater equipment with the E12 Underwater Thruster. Experience the benefits of integrated design and superior power for all your underwater projects. Contact us today for more information or to place an order. The E12 is your go-to solution for cutting-edge underwater propulsion.

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